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European Union (EU) Standards

BS EN 60335-2-x
Product specific specification for safety of household and similar electrical products.

BS EN 60335-1:1994+A2:2000 
 -2-2 Vacuum cleaners and water suction devices
 -2-3 Electric irons
 -2-4 Spin extractors
 -2-5 Dishwashers
 -2-6 Cooking ranges, cooking tables, ovens and similar appliances for household use
 -2-7 Washing machines
 -2-8 Shavers, hair clippers and similar appliances
 -2-9 Toasters, grills, roasters and similar appliances
 -2-10 Floor treatment machines and wet scrubbers
 -2-11 Tumble dryers
 -2-12 Warming plates and similar appliances
 -2-13 Frying pans. Deep fat fryers and similar appliances
 -2-14 Kitchen machines
 -2-15 Appliances for heating liquids
 -2-16 Food waste disposers
 -2-21 Storage water heaters
 -2-23 Appliances for skin or hair care
 -2-24 Refrigerators, food freezers and ice makers
 -2-25 Microwave ovens
 -2-26 Mains operated clocks
 -2-27 Ultra-violet and infrared skin treatment appliances for household and similar use
 -2-28 Sewing machines
 -2-29 Battery chargers
 -2-30 Room heaters
 -2-31 Range hoods
 -2-32 Massage appliances
 -2-33 Coffee mills and coffee grinders
 -2-34 Motor compressors
 -2-35 Instantaneous water heaters
 -2-36 Commercial electric cooking ranges, ovens, hobs and hob elements
 -2-37 Commercial electric deep fat fryers (not household appliances)
 -2-38 Commercial electric griddles and griddle grills.
 -2-39 Commercial electric multi-purpose cooking pans
 -2-40 Electric heat pumps, air conditioners and dehumidifiers
 -2-41 Pumps for liquids not exceeding 35ºC
 -2-42 Commercial electric forced convection ovens, steam cookers and steam convection ovens
 -2-43 Clothes dryers and towel rails
 -2-44 Electric irons
 -2-45 Portable electric heating tools and similar appliances
 -2-47 Commercial electric boiling pans
 -2-48 Commercial electric grillers and toasters
 -2-49 Commercial catering electric hot cupboards
 -2-50 Commercial electric bains-marie
 -2-51 Stationary circulation pumps for heating service water installations
 -2-52 Oral hygiene appliance connected to the mains supply though a safety isolating transformer
 -2-53 Electric sauna heating appliance
 -2-54 General purpose cleaning appliances, part of which is held in the hand and employs liquid
 -2-55 Electric appliances for use with aquariums and garden ponds
 -2-56 Projectors and similar appliances
 -2-57 Ice-cream appliances wit incorporated motor compressors
 -2-58 Commercial electric dishwashing machines
 -2-59 Insect killers
 -2-60 Whirlpool baths and similar equipment
 -2-61 Thermal storage room heaters
 -2-62 Commercial electric rinsing sinks
 -2-63 Commercial electric water boilers and liquid heaters
 -2-64 Commercial electric kitchen machines
 -2-65 Air cleaning appliances
 -2-66 Water-bed heaters
 -2-67 Floor treatment and floor cleaning machines for industrial and commercial use
 -2-68 Spray extraction appliances for industrial and commercial use
 -2-69 Wet and dry vacuum cleaners , including power brush, for industrial and commercial use
 -2-70 Particular requirements for milking machines
 -2-71 Electric heating appliance for breeding and rearing animals
 -2-73 Fixed immersion heaters
 -2-74 Portable immersion heaters
 -2-78 Outdoor barbecues
 -2-80 Fans (single phase)
 -2-81 Foot warmers and heating mats
 -2-88 Humidifiers intended for use with heating, ventilation, or air-conditioning systems
 -2-90 Commercial microwave ovens
 -2-95 Garage doors 
 -2-96 Flexible heating elements for room heating
 -2-98 Humidifiers
 -2-99 Commercial electric hoods


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