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CE marking, EMC Testing and LVD Services

With a CE mark attached to your products they can pass through European borders and be sold in ALL the European countries - and that's a huge market.

The EMC directive does not force anyone to test their products for electro magnetic compatibility when applying the CE mark.

However, if your products are sold with a CE mark on within Europe and later found to cause electromagnetic interference and are therefore non-compliant with the relevant standards, there are huge fines, withdrawal of your product from the market and even imprisonment to consider.

Just compare the cost of product withdrawal to the cost of being sure your product complies.

For detailed information on how we can help, see the following sections:


How Stafford Aero Technologies can help you

Simple: We receive your product; it gets inspected, tested and if necessary and with your agreement, the design is rectified to achieve ce mark compliance.

Complete: We provide you with a comprehensive report complete with photographs, explanations and results information that prove the product complies with the relevant EU standards. The last page of the completed report is a declaration, signed by us and endorsed by you, as required by the EU Directive.

Effective: We won't just fail you and tell you to "try again" without providing you with a solution. If a product has a compliance shortfall and requires a modification that can be implemented in-house, we will explain to you where the problems are and suggest the best course for rectification.

Personal: Every enquiry is different - to discuss costs, quantity discounts and availability, contact us to find someone on your side for some friendly authoritative advice.

Transparent: All our charges are provided up front. Even if a rectification has to be made to your product by yourselves or a third party, you can still return it to us for re-testing under the original order and within the original charging structure.

Reassuring: There are no hidden or spiralling costs - one thing less for you to worry about. This means you send us your equipment for compliance testing knowing what the final cost will be. You also know that at the end of the day it will pass and comply to the relevant EU standards.

Stafford Aero Technologies is not a standard test house

Take a look at how we can provide you with your CE marking solution.

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