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Your CE marking solution

  1. Tell us about your product
    We want to talk to you about your product and to establish its working environment. We can then identify which specifications your product must comply with to comply with EU standards - this depends on the type of product, its design and its working environment.
  2. Book your product in for CE mark testing
    It's nice to have a few weeks notice when your product will be available for testing. Our facilities are constantly in-use, so the more notice we get, the better - we can then ensure we will be able to meet your timescales.
  3. Our testing procedures
    It is now time to test your product. This is normally done in our laboratory but occasionally, for large or awkward systems, it is possible to test on site. We will test to see how your product compares with the radiated and conducted emissions in relation to electromagnetic compatibility. Then we expose your product to the relevant immunity standards and see how it copes.
  4. Compliance shortfalls? We'll help you rectify them
    If there are any issues with your product during ce mark compliance testing we'll look into the problem, find a solution, make sure it works and tell you about it. If you like the solution we'll then re-test with the modification to ensure your product fully complies. Often solutions are as simple as changing a wire length/location or adding a simple filter.
  5. Support documentation info
    The support documentation we provide is written to not only verify the testing your product has undergone but also to introduce the reader to the testing procedure. It explains the tests that have been applied and why, and finally shows the test results and pass levels. The tests are photographed and the results recorded in the document to show any reader that your product has been through the full range of applicable tests.
  6. What happens next
    We will email you the report in PDF format so you can print off as many copies as you like or even send it anywhere around the world. You can then apply the all important CE mark to your product.
  7. After testing service
    If you make any changes to your product, get in touch and we'll talk about how it might affect the CE marking, and whether you'll need to drop a new one back for a further test. We'll also notify you if a new standard is introduced that will affect your product.

Contact Stafford Aero Technologies for further information on how we can directly help your company achieve your CE marking requirements.

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